Friday, 27 November 2009

Pompeii Style Brick Oven in Mala Slevica, Slovenia

Two months ago I started to build a Pompeii style brick oven at my daughter house. Here are the pictures of the first pizzas which we tasted with great pleasure.
First picture shows the very first pizza baked in the new oven. I used just the dough, olive oil, tomato sauce, salt and garlic. At that time the oven temperature was about 450 degrees Celsius. The first pizza was baked in about 90 seconds.
Next pizzas had more toppings on and were excellent. The temperature of the oven hearth was lower, about 350 degrees Celsius. We finished our family pizza party with baking the first loaf of bread which was really great.
The last picture shows this first loaf of bread..My grandchildren told me that the bread was excellent so now I'm "allowed and welcome to produce more".

Soon we'll add the insulation to the oven dome and then I will have a small practical course for my older daughter Katarina how to bake bread and other stuff in brick oven.

Here is the full photo gallery about building the oven. As I am not a professional the Pompeii style oven was quite an issue for me but fortunately everything ended successfully.

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  1. Joc

    A really nice build and a superb picture diary. Many thanks for sharing this with us.